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Modern cars are mostly governed electronically by different modules, which based on a certain software suite, generate certain behavior on the mechanical parts.  Many times when manufacturers offer seven, eight or nine gear transmissions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that mechanically the gearbox has as many sets of gears.  The gear effect can be replicated by a combination of throttle response and RPM levels.


This method also allows manufacturers to use the same engine/transmission combinations in different models or brands within the holding to create different driving performances and levels of comfort based on the product’s concept.

Cars also adapt to the driver’s behavior and style, trying to improve the driving experience.


The Original TCU flash:

It is possible, through the adaptation feature of the software suite to modify the behavior of the transmission to enhance the driving experience while in fully electronic mode (such as “A” or”D”) and modify the following transmission behavior:

  • Substantial reduction in time between gears

  • Increased torque transfer to the wheels resulting lower power loss through the transmission

  • Better throttle response

  • Much smoother transitional behavior of transmission

  • Sportier but also more efficient functionality


In 2011 we were the pioneers in the development of an OBD solution that allows these modifications on modern cars without the need to open ECUs or TCUs, providing a safe, reflashable and portable solution that also gives the user independence from dealer software updates.  The V4.1 flash will allow better throttle response and better transfer of the power to the ground allowing better wheel horsepower and a more efficient operation of the vehicle’s hardware.

The new V4.1 comes as a single very efficient version of the flash, making unnecessary to  have all different versions of the flash as the older product versions such as street or race available before.

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