Products for armored vehicles

When armoring a car or SUV, and depending on the level of protection, the design limits of the vehicle are surpassed, requiring upgrades in braking capacity and suspension.

German Motoring offers upgrades that are compatible both with the specific vehicle, and allow stock equipment just as the factory wheels to continue being used.

Rotora has a line of big brake kits that are designed with the OEM application in mind, allowing to use the 18" wheels that come from the factory in many SUV applications.  Our fleet customers in Latin America are very satisfied with the quality of the product, the braking capacity and the comfortable feel when driving, making the car feel almost unmodified from factory.  

Bespoke armoring companies like Rida, use Rotora in all their applications.


Ask us about the Security program of Rotora Brakes and our different suspension solutions for each different car and armoring level.


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