Installed over the weekend. It is awesome – THANK YOU. Gear changes were already good but even smoother/crisper now and a nice tweak to the throttle creates even more ballistic fun!!!


Thanks. Very happy!!! McLaren 12C


So, when I put it in for a service, do I need to do anything prior (i.e. can they pick up the change to software) OR do I just leave as is and perform the re-flash process once I get it back from the technician each time?


I just picked up my car after getting a few upgrades done. The German Motoring TCU upgrade is a flat out amazing transformation. I had Peter send me the TCU self downloading module via the diagnostic port and installation was a snap with good instructions. The shifting is dead on now. The throttle lift then shift is almost imperceptible. That half second delay is gone. There is no more head bobbing with shifting in auto mode. The jerkiness in auto mode is now very tolerable and decent in stop and go traffic dare I say like a regular auto trans. The shifting in sport mode is spot on quick and instant. The best part is how fast it downshifts. The 6 to 3 downshift in sport mode under full throttle is nearly instant. The pause is gone and it bangs through the gears hardly lifting the throttle. I'm amazed at the personality change this has made in the car. 
The shop who serviced my car also commented the car shifted like a LP-570. They have a lot of experience tuning high horsepower twin turbo Lambos. Kudos to Nth Moto of Minneapolis, MN for the fine work.

I was sort of embarrassed in the way the car shifted almost on it's own. With passengers in the car if I wasn't careful with the throttle lift shifting there was major head bobbing. Now I am happy to report that is gone. Others have commented that it seems to get even faster over time. I can't comment on that yet as I've only put 30 miles on it since the upgrade, but I would definitely recommend it. No comment on warranty.
Also did the BMC carbon air filters and the fabspeed exhaust. Coupled with the black optic front grill with plate delete and thicker steering wheel with MAcarbon shift paddles.
Very nice indeed.

What a awesome upgrade for Rtronic owners.
Hand held flash units are great and I remember that's how I added 80hp on my GT-R in my own garage with a ecu map upgrade all within 5 mins..

Improves the driveability of this car tremendously.